Saturday, September 27, 2014

Adventures in New York City: Part 2

I started my second day at New York City at FIKA, which is an espresso bar/coffee shop and it has a really beautiful and modern interior, which is what drew me into the place. I had an almond croissant and a latte and it was such a delicious way to start the day!

The latte was so good that I completely forgot to take an up close picture of what it first looked here is a half-drunken (actually more like basically finished) cup of my coffee.

Afterwards my family and I made our way to the Grand Central Terminal and as I was walking I just had to take more pictures of the city.

Grand Central Terminal is so beautiful and I highly recommend checking it out!

Then we went to Soho to do some shopping and we hit up (another) Bloomingdale's.
Side note: they were having a giant sale which is why we went there a second time ;-)

We decided to treat ourselves to some macarons from the one and only Ladurée.

For lunch we went to Harney and Sons teahouse and I had the most delicious tea in the entire world: Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea. If you really love cinnamon I recommend trying this out and you do not need to add any sugar because it is sweet on its own.

My lunch was a delicious cheese platter and the presentation was just exquisite!

We then hit up Central Park and it is just amazing. It is a great place to go if only seeing buildings, streets, and cars gets tiring.

The squirrel is like "U MAD BRO?"

We saw a black squirrel and thought it was the coolest thing in the entire world.

We finished our jam-packed day and our trip in the amazing Rockefeller Center. It is definitely an essential place to visit in New York City and I am currently counting down the days when I can come back.

xoxo Liz

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Adventures in New York City: Part 1

Waiting at the train station to go to my favorite city in the entire world! (Outfit details coming soon...)

Mainly spent the entire day on Fifth Avenue. I love to look around and see all the windows because it is always so well decorated. My current favorite is the Tiffany and Co window because I love how they played with shadows to create a really beautiful window. I especially love this one with the girl looking at the bracelet. From far away it is really subtle but up close you can really see all the details.

Then we walked around to Bloomingdales because they were having a really great sale and decided to check it out. Also, department stores in New York City are more fascinating then the ones back home.

For dinner we went to Fig and Olive which is my favorite restaurant on Fifth Avenue and I had the seared Yellowfin Tuna and it was delicious! I highly recommend eating at Fig and Olive!

At night the city is always so beautiful and I could not resist taking more photos!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

First Day of School

Shirt: Free People
Shorts: Rich and Skinny
Shoes: Steve Madden
Necklace: Chico's
Ring: Betsey Johnson
Bracelet (Right Hand): LOFT
Bracelet (Left Hand): Alex + Ani
Watch: Michael Kors

Even though basically everyone dreads the idea of going back to school, it is always nice to get a little done up because the first day of school is always the most special. This day was really special for me because this is my senior year of high school. I hope this day was awesome for you to!