Wednesday, June 4, 2014

This is the Start of Something New

The extent of knowledge I have on blogging is Tumblr and with that, all I do is reblog pictures that I like, although it still does accurately depict my likes, my dislikes, and who I am. I have always loved fashion and right now, this is the best way I can show that to the world and be involved in a community that is as passionate as I am. Even though I am putting myself out there in a two-dimensional virtual world that is notorious for spreading lies and hate, I will try my hardest to be real and truthful and continue to put my morals above all. My goals for Heritage Purple are to share my knowledge and opinions of fashion and the fashion world and inspire others to do whatever they can to do what they love. Let's begin something new.

P.S. That's an old picture of me so disregard what I look like and just look at how I'm walking and how it's symbolizing I'm going on a new journey =D Get it?!? I was actually really excited when I found this photo =)

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